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A free online whiteboard for teaching anywhere

Web whiteboard is a free online whiteboard for teaching that helps educators worldwide to make real change and impact education and the learning experience.
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The simple virtual whiteboard for online teaching

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Manage your classes with just a few clicks
The virtual classroom just became more manageable with an online whiteboard for teaching. Increase your student's engagement, share materials, and track your student's progress with just a few steps with our virtual whiteboard.

This is how you can use the free online whiteboard for teaching:

• Create collaborative boards for lectures, class activities, or student projects.

• Use the Pen Tool feature to ensure students are viewing the right area of the board.

• Use fun features like emojis and mind maps to engage your students.
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Upload what you need to the Web whiteboard
You can upload any file to your online whiteboard tool and create a seamless learning experience. Upgrade your online lessons by uploading images, PDF, Google Drive documents and MS Office files.

This is how you can use the upload feature in the free online whiteboard for teaching:

• Share learning materials like hand-outs and required reading.

• Create a space for students to upload their assignments for grading.

• Add files to your lecture straight into the board to keep everything in one place.
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Improve your student's experience with the whiteboard tool
The online whiteboard for teaching helps you to turn static classes into dynamic learning sessions. Students engage more when collaborating on the board simultaneously: they go from passive listeners to active makers.

Ways to improve your student’s experience in the virtual classroom:

• Turn students into engaged, active thinkers by creating collaborative activities like brainstorms, concept maps, interactive quizzes, and more.

• Manage your students' attention with features like the Pen Tool, which focuses them on the part of the board you want them to be looking at.

• Improve your online teaching skills by making your lessons hands-on. You can learn how to create interactive classes, share insights, and take real-time annotations.
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Have all your class material in one virtual space with the online whiteboard for teaching
Save your lessons and potentially reuse them with other students. You can have quick access to your virtual whiteboard for online teaching and improve your class materials based on your previous work.

This is how you can organize your virtual classroom space with the free online whiteboard for teaching:

• Prepare and organize your work according to the lessons you shared with each student with the download whiteboard function.

• You can now upload and review previous lessons with students for a better learning experience with just a few clicks.

• Add files according to the lesson's topics all in the same board. The Web whiteboard canvas is limitless and you can design it as you want.
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Easy-to-use online whiteboard for kids
The virtual whiteboard for online teaching has a straightforward and intuitive interface, and students of all ages are welcome to use it.

You don't need to be an expert to create fun, interactive lessons. Your students don't need to create accounts to log in, so they can jump in and collaborate right away.

This is how you can use the free online whiteboard for teaching:

• Create and customize lesson templates before your lesson.

• Quickly onboard students into the whiteboard with no prior knowledge.
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Remote or in person – you can teach anywhere with the Web whiteboard
It doesn't matter if you're teaching in-person or remotely. The Web whiteboard is a tool designed to make collaboration happen. Engage your students, save your lessons on boards, and share the great work you've done with others.

This is how you can use the free online whiteboard for teaching:

• Organize your work even being fully remote with the web whiteboard.

• Invite students from all over the world to learn in real-time with the Web whiteboard.


  • The Web whiteboard is a great free option for teachers. It's powered by Miro – which is the industry leader for whiteboard apps. If you'd like even more robust features for your organization, check out what Miro has to offer.
  • The online whiteboard for teaching is helpful when preparing classes and getting students engaged because it works the same way as a physical whiteboard would. You can share annotations, lead activities, get students to work on the board, keep track of assignments, add insights to your class, and more.

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