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A free personal whiteboard for you

The whiteboard for online drawing can help you visualize your projects, take notes, and organize your ideas online all in one place.
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How to use your personal whiteboard

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A visual way to organize
The personal whiteboard can work as a digital notepad to organize your to-do list, draft ideas, and sketch projects in a fun and easy way. It’s a visual and transparent way to get an overview of your week.
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Improve your storytelling skills
Your personal whiteboard can also help you develop better storytelling abilities. You can use the online whiteboard for drawing and more clearly visualize the path you want to follow when presenting.
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Boost your creativity with the whiteboard for drawing
You can use the personal whiteboard as a blank canvas to start sketching and drawing right away. Try different shapes and lines with our pen tool and explore your full potential and creative thinking.
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Have a good time with your friends
The online whiteboard for drawing can be a fun and engaging way to spend time with your friends while being remote. You can invite as many people as you want to join you on your whiteboard with no sign-up needed.

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A free online whiteboard for kids
Family time just got more interesting with the online whiteboard drawing tool. With WebWhiteboard, you can engage your kids in various activities, including drawing, guessing games, and even help with their homework.
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An online whiteboard for learning
It doesn't matter if you're studying in-person or remotely. The WebWhiteboard is a tool designed to make work easy. Engage more with fellow students, save your lessons on boards, and share the great work you've done with others.


  • Yes, The online whiteboard for drawing works as an infinite canvas where you can draw shapes and lines with the pen tool and sketch projects and ideas on the go.
  • Yes. The personal whiteboard is free, and it doesn’t require any previous sign-up.
  • The best whiteboard out there is the one that best serves your needs. WebWhiteboard aims to offer a free tool with lots of ways to be creative without requiring you to sign up and commit. Try it out and see if it works best for you. For more features, you can access Miro online whiteboard.

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